Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Vortex Flowers" blooming in the shop!

Hello friends!

Well it might be winter, but "Vortex Flowers" are blooming in the Etsy shop today!

So just a few notes on today's listings before going ahead. The sun was NOT cooperating today so I do wish I had gotten some better photos of these beautiful beads. To those of you who own some you can attest to their beauty ;) Did I mention that under lights the colors change making them a PITA to adjust?

Also some of the newer photos show two beads. I don't normally like to do this because I find it to be deceiving when the listing only says one, however due to the gravity shaped nature of the beads I would have to take a bagillion photos for just one bead. Sooooo hopefully that doesn't piss anyone off . So you will actually receive one of the beads pictured, it just depends on which one you get ;P

Lastly, these VF's ended up smaller than the last time I made them so they are listed as: Large, medium or small.

Vortex Flower "Sea Breeze" - These babies have  a grassy green center, a super pale aqua inner ring and a nice medium lime outside ring.

Vortex Flower "Sea Foam" - Medium aqua center, pale yellowy green inner ring and light aqua outer ring.

Teal inside, olive green ring, pale yellow green outside ring.

Vortex Flowers "Sea Green" - The best photos today taken under lights since the color stay true! Grass green inside, yellow green rings, and olive green outer rings.

Vortex Flower "Sea Splash" - Teal inside, dark aqua and pale yellow green outside.

Vortex Flower "Sparkling Crest"- This one has to be my favorite with it's color and shape. Bullseye glass, of course! Streaky lime green, light aqua, light cyan, glittery green, and soft teal.

Thanks for stopping by! 

I hope you are recovering from the Christmas craziness!

xo Genea


Libby Leuchtman said...

I love making this style of bead. It is very relaxing. Yours are beautiful. Hope you had a great holiday.

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