Monday, August 18, 2008


That has got to be one of the WORST noises you can hear when you are in the middle of working on a bead in your studio. I had a little visitor today. I thought the buzzing was just a fly, but to my dismay it was BEE! No bueno! So here I am in the middle of a bead and this bee is angrily bumping into the flourescent bulbs of the light above where I work. What is one to do?!!! Well I finished my bead and then looked at the light. SHIT! The bee was MIA. That is almost WORST! Then there is no telling where they are. So I look for a few seconds. I don't see him so I continue. Then all the sudden I hear the buzzing again! This time the bee is on his back buzzing on top of my kiln! WTF?! Pretty sure the kiln temp was 960! (At this point my whole body is a GIANT GOOSE BUMP! ) He spins out of control and drops somewhere on the floor. I stop again to see where he his. DOUBLE SHIT! Gone again! This time I decide to turn off the bright flourscent light and turn on the other basement lights hoping that he will buzz to one of them. I am also terribly confused as to how he is still ALIVE after sitting on top of a kiln that is almost 1000 degrees! I am still nervously looking around for this bee and then all of the sudden I spot him. HE'S RIGHT BY MY BEAD PRESS THAT IS RIGHT BY MY LEFT HAND! EEP! I slowly move my bead press base away from him and grab my small notebook to smash him. *SWAT* first hit! HE'S STILL ALIVE! *SWAT* second hit! Still didn't quite squish him! *SWAT* third hit! Finally he is DEAD! I take my tweezers from my desk top and pick up his little body and put in the garbage. I put my gum wrapper from the basket on top of his body and mash him one last time with my tweezers JUST TO MAKE SURE HE IS *REALLY* DEAD! *SHIVER* And then back to making Halloween beads! heheheheheh

I can't wait to see what the kiln fairy brings me tonight!

Well I'm outie....

Much love,



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