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Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a LONG one!

Hello friends!
So here is that WAY overdue update... NEW IN THE SHOP.... Incase you read the last entry I listed new items in the shop in the morning before you read about them here. I figured I would get them done first and then when I was done in the studio I would write up my update. These are some of my very FAVORITE beads to make. I really LOVE red roof tile! I got this really awesome batch that is that awesome terra cotta color with hints of yellow ochre! I used some gorgeous silvered ivory and amazing Raku! So, tell me, how can you really go wrong?! The focal also has hints of silver leaf, and dichro along with bubble button dots of Raku. All I can say is "WOW". I only showed 2 sides of the front and 2 of the back since I was short on pictures to do 2 4-blocks. So if you want to see ALL of the angles, you will just have to BUY the bead! lol. It is TOTALLY worth it, promise!See how great they look together? Maybe you should get them both so they don't miss eachother ;) Here is what I did with my beads like these... Yep, it's simple, but with such beautiful beads you don't want to take away from them. The seed beads inbetween the lentils and pillows are this matte metallic blend with deep blues, purples, bronze, and gold. The color number is F460Z and you can purchase them from Jane's Fiber and Beads.Here is the pendant I made on the far right. NEW BEADS.... Here are some of the new things I have been making(the beads listed on Etsy were made just before the show as well) some of them have already found happy new homes! Here is the BIGGEST heart I have ever made and God only knows if I could make another one! It was definitely a feat! This BIG baby is 1 1/2" tall! You can get a good idea of it's size by looking at the photo of it in my hand. I always like these photos to gauge size :) This one is in Kim's stash, you LUCKY girl! Here is another set I made called "falling leaves," in red brown, red, carrot red, orange, yellow ochre and Messy's new Soylent green. The picture on the left is what they look like shiny and the picture on the right is what they look like etched. They are easier to etch on the mandrels, so that is why the first picture looks the way it does. This one also made it into Kim's stash! I am hoping she makes it into that idea we talked about. If she does I will take some pictures to share. She has been making the most FABULOUS fringes out of my lentil sets using ALL Swarovski crystals as the fringe! WOW! Here is "Coffee Sky," this set features some of Messy's new colors: Maple, Tamarind( this link actually takes you to the Tamarind Unique page instead), and one of my personal favorites, Smurfy. This little baby is lots of fun with teensy lentils, spotty spacers, a rainbow bead, triangle bead, and bubble poked floral bead. Set is still available. 21 DAY CLEANSE DETOX.... Well we are currently on day 14, the last day of our raw foods. Tomorrow starts all juice week, then on week of building up our systems back to eating animal bi-products and animals. Woo hoo! I sure am missing my hot meals, meat and eggies!! So what the hell have we been eating you might ask? Well here are some pictures of our meals courtesy of Chef Ricky(that would be my AMAZING husband ;) )On our first vegan week here is a meal Ricky made with brown rice, Tofu, broccoli, edamame, cabbage and carrots. He seasoned it with some brag's amino acids(which is a healthy liquid that tastes exactly like soy sauce), oilve oil and spices. Here is one of the first meals we had on our raw week. Ricky made a veggie slaw with carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and pumpkin seeds with a vinaigrette made out of brag's, applecider vinegar and balsamic vinegar. On the side are peeled cucumbers with coconut milk and brags for dipping.If you are adventurous this might be a good time to try some new fruits like a pomegranate! Here is another meal we had where Ricky had made some Pesto(minus the Parmesan cheese,and very little oil) stuffed button mushrooms, and cucumber slices with coconut milk and brags dipping sauce.Here is one of our salads with similar liquid as described above. For the veggies we have carrots, green peppers, sugar snap peas, spinach, 4 bean sprouts, and alfalfa sprouts.This one was my VERY favorite! We ate this for breakfast and sometimes later in the day(what I am going to eat when I am done typing up this blog!). This is unsweetened coconut milk with bananas, raspberries, blueberries, slivered almonds and a tiny squeeze of agave nectar. YUMMY! So what have we been feeling? Well week one broke the dependence for food. You know that ugly thought in your head that you will just DIE if you don't get fill in the blank food right now! So that has been really amazing. You also find that when you are eating this way you DON'T CRAVE SUGAR! Why is that, you ask? Well now your body is getting the proper nutrition so if you aren't eating junk you don't crave it. What a concept huh?

Week 2 you realize just how little your body needs to be sustained. Although you have to eat ALL OF THE TIME you can still be satisfied by little bites here and there of good raw fruits, veggies, and nuts. Juices are AMAZINGLY filling as well. You can't believe how many nutrients you can get in one cup! Now there is NO excuse for "being too hungry to wait for something to cook" or not getting in all of your fruits and veggies! Tea has been such a life saver since it is the only warm thing you get to enjoy. There is something wonderful and soothing about sipping warm tea :)

Both weeks have also enriched our spirit. This might be the breaking of a vice and reading Purpose Driven Life. This book is really amazing. It is definitely more IN YOUR FACE Gody than just being a spiritual book, so be ready for some intense reading! With enriched spirits you also get intense temptations. We have had to go through some challenging things on our cleanse like a bachelorette, and bachelor party, and friends ordering in pizza. The next week will be very challenging because there will be the rehearsal dinner Ricky has been asked to prepare and my sister's wedding. This is when you pray and count on your friends and each other to be supportive.

The other night it was so beautiful and windy! There was this amazing warm light from the color of the sky shining in the windows. Ricky told me to look outside so here is what I saw....
I don't know if you think rainbows are as magical as I think they are, but it was really amazing to see this one! There was no rain at all and this rainbow only lasted long enough for me to click a picture and then it was GONE!

This is what the sky looked right next to it. Isn't it AMAZING?!

The western sky was all beautiful too through the dark trees. It was all shades of coral, pink and periwinkle! Unfortunately my camera captured it as yellows and things and not really the true colors I could see it with my eyes. I decided to omit those pictures. I guess you just had to be there in person ;)

Well I now that you have practically ready my novel I am pooped and in need of some grindage!

See you tomorrow!

Much love,



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