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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall colors of brown and turquoise

Hello friends!

It's nice to be more back on track with things than I have in the past few weeks.


Today I have a set of 9 beads in shapes of: round, lentils, and spacers in colors of cafe au lait brown and turquoise blue.This set features one of my very favorite Messy colors, Smurfy and one of Messy's new colors, Tamarind!

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a set of 3 beads: 2 spacers and 1 round bead in colors of dark opaque brown, and transparent dark aqua with dark turquoise vine cane dot accents. **Picture appears to be dark blue, but is actually more dark aqua.** It seems like my camera has trouble photographing aqua and teal.


Not too much really... I am finishing up some things around here and beginning work on some Christmas presents. Yeah, I know, scary huh? Well can't hurt to get a jump start right?

Kayla is still on puppy lock down and hating it. Leeloo is also usually penned off with her to keep her company so she doesn't whine, but she is outside enjoying the cool fall weather. We have to keep an eye on Kayla so we don't have any boy dogs jumping our fence. I figure for the most part the girls will bark before one could get over the fence, but you never know...

Later on today we are visiting Stephanie and Lucas and checking out their new house all set up with their stuff. I got to see it when it was empty just before they moved it so it will be really cool to see it with their personality :)

Sorry I don't have more exciting things to report today.

Have a great day.

Much love,



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