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Sunday, September 6, 2009

NEW beads, and color studies

Hello friends!

Yep, you did miss me on Friday. I was BUSY! Gosh, it seems like lately I have been busier that I can remember being before. At any rate I did get some listings up if you noticed. I had one new "Grow and Heal with Love" pendant up on Friday and got the others listed last night. This is another one of my NEW designs. I only made 3 though so better get them while they last ;)

Heart is deep Carmine red with a sprout and leaves of CiM's new color Split Pea. This really is a wonderful deep mossy kind of green :)

INSPIRATION: There are two things that inspired this style heart with new growth emerging out of it, one was at that particular time I had a few friends that were going through some tough times where healing and new growth would surely follow.

The second was my tomato and lilac bushes. The tomato plant had been stripped down to it's stem, but regrew with this amazing fullness and had survived. The lilac bush was just a small starter stem with a few wilty leaves. I thought for sure it would surely die. Weeks later little green buds appeared, then leaves and finally a new stem. Life always finds a way to grow and heal with love....

"Misty Rose"- is a very soft pink with a lime green vine and leaves.

"Rusted Violet"- is one of moretti's violets that gets that bronzy metallic sheen on it. Vine is lime green.


Well as you may know I have been BUSILY making beads. I finally got a chance to take pictures of what I have made over the last few days. All of these are currently available.

I was feeling that fall vibe and decided to make color gradated brown lentils with SIS. I had a dangly bracelet that had small round beads in these colors awhile back that I used to wear often. I lost it and have not been able to find it, so I thought I would make a set in their memory ;)

I was very excited to add a new CiM color called Maple to the set. It really is an awesome brown. It is actually more brown that what is in the palette already. It is more of what I would call a chocolaty brown where the other browns by moretti are either more redish, or yellow so this color is a perfect addition. My picture is somewhat dark so I took a picture trying to get the light through them as well so you could kind of see their color better.

I also snagged the CiM paddle so you could see the color as well.

Maple also has some cool streakies in it that are really sweet :)

I made some more beads with the Iron Mountain frit "A Fern Hand" and CiM Dirty Martini. I did a few extra *secret* mixes to get the final product ;) I would have to say the frit mix and DM are some of my absolute favorites! I would highly recommend these two if you like green. Here is a picture of the complete set. I think I will be offering these separately on Etsy,but I don't know. I mean they all kind of want to be together you know and they make such a statement all together...Isn't it SO pretty?! I love it! You all are going to have to fight me for it! ;)

The next two pictures were giving me FITS! My camera and I were just not working together. I tried all different lighting and bulbs and everything trying to get this picture to work out, but gave up. This is how my camera sees it. I have added the color paddles from Frantz's site and CiM's site so you can see the true colors. If anyone has any ideas on how to correct the colors or set a camera for them. Please let me know!

These were those colors that were on my sister's comforter that inspired me so the set is called "Nina's Comforter". I did them in transparents, but still might do just color lentils in opaques as well. We will see. Anyways.... from left to right: Pale Aqua, Lt. Aqua(which is totally the WRONG color), CiM Maple, Lt. Teal, and CiM Mojito(which is another one of my FAVS!). Here is CiM's paddle for Mojito. I think the picture above does a pretty good job of capturing the color. It is kind of a yellowy green/grayish color. It's SO pretty! Very unique too. It definitely is an addition to the color palette.

In this photo you can see where it fits into the color palette.

Here you can see the color paddle of Light Aqua.
Here is the paddle of Light Teal.
What a difference huh? Maybe I won't be able to offer things with these colors online due to photography issues. Hmm....

This next one called "Dusk Twirls", features 2 colors by CiM: Lapis and Grumpy Bear and frit from Iron Mountain by Reichenbach called Bright Opal Pink 1.

Here is the original photo. As you can see the Lapis is SO dark. If you didn't know what color it was, I can't say that you would have been able to tell.

Here is the CiM paddle of Lapis.
Here is the picture where I adjusted the color levels to make the color more apparent.

And the very LAST set I have to show you today that is still un-named at the moment. I made this set after selling the first style set to Melissa. The colors were so good I thought I would like to make another so that more people got to see it.

Well I guess this concludes my very LONG blog ;) I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Much love,



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