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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

20% off Instagram Story Sale and Auction


Have you had your EYE on our work? You can bid on this beauty here.
All of these gorgeous dread beads are 20% off for our Instagram story sale. Take 20% off the marked price.

Are your dreads ready for a new wardrobe?

It's summer, fall is upon us and festival season is in full swing, but you are planning your outfit and need the perfect dread bead to complete your look!

Don't worry, not only do we have you covered with a 20% off sale(take 20% off of our posted price. sale ends tonight at midnight CST), but we've also got a unique, one of a kind crying eye dread bead made on gorgeous odd lot electric lime glass. Odd lots are happy little accidents when the color falls out of the normal range. This color won't ever be made again. This luscious green has been in my stash since about 2006! I only have a few rods left so you won't want to let this bead pass you by. 

Follow the link for the eye bead on the photo above. To place a bid increments are at least $5, but you can bid as high as you'd like. Simply comment your bid and tag the last person you are outbidding. The winner will be the last person to bid at midnight tonight CST! Our current high bidder is @official_womankind for $105. This is the first auction we have done on Instagram so we are excited to offer this special work there!

We post the most frequently on Instagram and it's the place where we are the most current on our work. As much as I'd love to, I can't keep up with updating the site so sadly it's behind. You can find our currently available dread beads on the dread bead tab on my Instagram profile and we do new bead drops on Mondays. I will be starting a new job at a local dispensary here in Kansas City, Missouri mid-September so I won't be able to create as much since I'll be working full-time and 10 hour days, but I will continue to post my work on Insta for my fam! 

We will also be attending Summer Camp Music Festival. August 20-23rd in Chillicothe, Illinois. If any of you are going, we'd love to see you there! Drop us a dm on insta and we can link up there! 

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us on our journey! We are so grateful for your love and support! 

Happy shopping and bidding! 

Love, light, and highest vibrations,

xoxo Genea


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