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Friday, May 4, 2012

Other than Ivory-Unearthed

Hello friends!

So normally you know me as the bright girl, but every now and again I am also the earthy girl.

I did a recent color study for Creation is Messy, for which you may know I do behind the scenes intensive color studies and glass testing. One of our recent projects was doing a color study called "Other than Ivory".  In this color study, we did JUST that, using some Messy glass colors in those wonderful earthy tones with some Limited Run glass batches(odd lot glass).

I am a huge fan of all of these beautiful color palette studies of a photo with a panel of colors on the bottom.  This image was borrowed from Design Seeds.

So when I did my color study and labeling of the beads I created. I did them like this.

Here is my hodge podge attempt and doing one of these photos. It looks pretty good, but you should have seen me goofing around Photoshop trying to make these silly rectangles of color! lol.
The style that Kathy requested for these colors was my "Ancient Tablet" style.
This style is from 2010 and is near and dear to my heart. These were some of the very first beads I had created with my upgraded torch, Mini CC. I was finally able to make giant size focal beads without it taking forever like on my little hot head torch.

So when creating this color profile I decided to make use this style, but use one of my favorite shapes(the lentil) as the base. These amazing focal beads are filled with: gorgeous rainbow raku, bits of stardust from silver, spiral stamps and bubble button mirror dots! I seriously couldn't take enough photos to capture all of the magic and beauty in these special organic style beads!

So today I am excited to be offering up these INCREDIBLE unearthed treasures in my Etsy shop!
Ancient Pebble "Ginger" - A wonderful peachy tone with gorgeous spots of magenta and violet!

Ancient Pebble "Biscotti" -Mmm wonderful biscotti creamy brown with deeper brown hints and lots of earthiness!

Ancient Pebble "Chai" - Look at all of those rainbow spots!

Ancient Pebble"Cocoa" -WOW, I think this one is my very favorite over all. They are all so pretty though... ;)

Ancient Pebble "Cosmic Latte" Look at all the silver in this bead! It is so cosmic and starry!

Ancient Pebble"Golden Green Tea"- I love the effects of silver on this glass!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Genea


Unknown said...

I love cocoa too, but my name sake has to be my second favorite.

Third Eye Gypsy said...

Yeah I love them all. Each has a personality of its own.

Xo Genea

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