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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing in 2010

Hello friends!

How are you? Did you have a good holiday? Mine was pretty spiffy! It was nice to finally meet most of the Knable family :) New year's was pretty uneventful too, so maybe next year I will party it down.

So the new year is time for resolutions and here is one of mine. I will be updating on Etsy and on here only once a week instead of 5 times. Why? Well I would like to spend time doing what I love most, MAKING BEADS! So instead of spending X amount of hours on the computer posting, listing, editing, and writing descriptions, I will make BEADS! How is this a good thing? Well more new beads of course! I will still do updates with pictures and things, but this works out so you have a bunch to read and look at especially when I don't have anything monumentous to chat about some days of the week.

This week I have updated the shop with lots of Valentine's Day items! I will leave the descriptions brief as the Etsy descriptions say it all. I have more valentine's ideas in my head and I am just bursting with design ideas.

I got all of those new beads from and need to do my blog as well. I wanted to make some designs to show off their beads instead of just blogging about the beads themselves. Stay tuned for that update. You WON'T want to miss the new designs!!

I will also be updating the blog with my vacation pictures when I get around to it. I have 103 pictures to edit! UGH! lol


Valentine's Day is in full force in the shop!

You know Valentine's Day can't be complete without some teddy bears!
I just love the details I used like hearts for the nose and paw pads! :)

Isn't she cute? This is Opal Yellow's cousin, Stone Ground by CiM. It is a fantastic base color for SO many things!

What would Valentine's Day be without a few Emo skull items?!
Here is a matching button that would go fab with the above bead. If you are interested in both, just ask and I can etch the heart to match ;)

When talking about Valentine's Day you also can't forget the infatuation and passion!
Just a few drops and you love interest will fall MADLY in love with you!

The original passion heart before I did the series. Celebrating the love and passion for fire and glass, and just passion for anything. The flames are perfect! A bright mix of eye scorching orange and glittery yellow!

Who could forget CHOCOLATES for Valentine's day?!
Here was a special request for Melissa. It isn't for sale, but it fit the theme so I thought I would post it here. This heart was doused in cold water after being made and then re-heated to keep the bead together. This is a shattered heart. I don't think I will be making more since I am not sure how well they stay together being shocked by cold water and all, but Melissa's bead seems to be fine and in one piece!


Well since we are on the theme I will share a sneak peek of one of my NEW holiday beads. You all know that I have been loving yarn, especially wool. Well you know things of one creative area seem to leak to other creative areas. After making a sheep for Holly's Christmas present I had the idea to make one for Valentine's Day. It even has a super cute name! Introducing the "Love Ewe" bead! I used one of CiM's amazing pink heart cored canes for the heart on the sheep!
I even used CiM Ginger for the face. It really is a fantastic Caucasian flesh tone and it works perfectly as a sheepie face!

Here is that scarf I was working on for myself! Ashley bought me the yarn as a Christmas gift :) This is ribbing. It's knit one row purl 2 rows. Pretty slick huh?!
Remember when I wanted to show you what I made for gifts for Christmas? Well I finally can! Here are some Eco bags I made out of old pillow cases! I got this fantastic pattern from Body + Soul magazine! Aren't they awesome?! They were pretty simple too so I had a blast making them for gifts!
I also made a ton of soldered charms for gifts as well!
Here are the front sides. You might recognize the bottom row far left and center. The far left is the picture from Gazebo coffee at Starbucks and the Lotus flower is from the inside of the Yogi tea boxes.
Here are the back sides.

Here is the finished pendant I made for Kathy. She has a daughter named Zoe and a new baby boy named Zachary. The pendant fades from pink to blue to represent both boy and girl children. The pink and blue eggs also represent both children. Their names are on the back of the pendant. :) I love the way this pendant turned out!

Well this concludes my update for this week(until get the other blogs and pictures done for artbeads and my trip).

I hope you are having a fantastic New Year filled with wonder and joy!

Much love,



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