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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Halloween funzies, creative projects and more

Hello friends!

Well I am doing this a little backwards. I am writing my blog before my Etsy post. So you will actually have to wait a few while I do my postings after receiving this blog in your inbox ;)

As promised, more HALLOWEEN! Today's listings are a little poisonous!

First I have a small bubbling bottle of POISON! Sure to do the trick for those people you want to "bump off". lol I did love potion for Valentine's day so I thought poison for Halloween would be fun!

Next, your SNEAK PEEK item is a BLACK WIDOW! This toxic little honey sits on a thin web of white on a base of a deep blue violet opaque glass. A red hour glass shape sits in the middle of a web on the back.
Now I want to take a quick second to talk with you about this amazing base color. It may appear a bit dark in the pictures, but it is REALLY pretty in person. The color is CiM Lapis. It is posted in the blue section of Messy's new site, but I like to use it for a blue violet opaque. For those of you that like dark colors this is a "must have"!

Now for some other fun things...

Remember that class I told you about earlier that I was going to go take with Melissa at Bead Boutique? Well here are the pictures!

We did the beaded bead shown in the book "Mastering Beadwork" by Carol Huber Cypher. This was a free class that Bead Boutique offers every Thursday. Melissa teaches the next consecutive pattern each Thursday as they journey through the book.

Holly and Brandon came over again last night per our usual weekly visit. The boys leveled up in WOW(world of warcraft) while we had creative time making things.

I worked on a macrame necklace order from the show for a sweet woman named Sheryl while Holly made this SUPER cute amigurumi star by Homemade Zen
It's funny how I came across Homemade Zen's site. I am subscribed to an e-mail on Etsy for tips and she had made a post about how to put a picture on your Twitter background. Pretty sweet though cause that e-mail led me to her cute shop and led to a sale! :) It's always nice to support your fellow artists. So if you are into Amigurumi I totally suggest you hop on over and give her site a looksy!

This was MY request! This sweet little guy has found a home on my lime green desk lamp so he can smile up at me while I work!This is one of those things that is SO cute that it makes your eyes water! Didn't she do a great job? Holly was even "bugle fingers" while she was making this sweet little star. I wish I would have taken a picture. You make the round center and then make separate little "bugle"( like the snack) shaped pointy cones for the star points. I dunno.. maybe it's not funny to you, but we are easily amused and cracked up! :D

I sat down at the torch yesterday and worked on some more of those glass headpins. One of which actually cracked. Not sure why. As you can see it's kind of hard to get consistancy of each one to make pairs. I am still not sure if these are going to be worth trying to make as pairs. I guess if you figure you have to make like 5 to get 1 pair you like it's not really worth it to make pairs. Maybe a set of misc ones that don't have to match? I dunno. This is just part of that creative process ;)Well I think that is enough excitement for one day so far right? I should be meeting up with Stacey today to get my buttons! I am pretty excited! I will post a pic of them when I get them :)

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,



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