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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't panic it's organic

Hello friends!

I have some organic goodies for you today, well not in the food sense. This is just more of a random style with no specific design. My first offering is a bead from my Delicious Pod series called "Rain". I named this series "Delicious Pod" because they were so pretty I wanted to eat them :) This little beauty features a lovely rain blue with bits of color shifting raku, and trapped bubbles(which is one of my favorite things to add to beads).The next SNEAK PEEK item for todays late listing is another one of my organic beads that was from a series that I didn't really name, but seemed along the lines of some cave ancient series. "The Omen" features some of Creation is Messy's amazing Plum glass with Raku, silvered ivory, dichro and bits of magic!

The bead does appear a bit more black in this picture, but it is various shades of deep to light purple with a somewhat opaly translucent color to it. It is much more beautiful in person :D

In other news I am going with the Bead Boutique girls to Brenda's new bead shop to "welcome her to the neighborhood". I am excited to see what she has in her shop!

I am really excited about the set I made for Kristin! I just got it completed last night. Kristin was kind enough to give me her ENTIRE glass stash so I told her she could place an order for whatever she wanted and I would be happy to make her stuff :D

I am totally excited about the LOAD of Bullseye she gave me as well!

I might just sneak a peek of Kristin's beads on my blog and see how long it takes her to notice >:D

See you later today!

Much love,



Kristin said...

Do it! Do it now! I wanna see my beads! Whine, whine! LOL. I love those organic beads too! Soooo pretty.

Third Eye Gypsy said...

You devilishly sneaky girl! I didn't think it would take you TOO long since you follow my blog and it should have popped up in your new blogs section ;) Enjoy!!

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